Will's Way

A solo in which Will Shakespeare gives a Saturday-morning talk to the audience at Stratford's old Other Place. It was created by Nick Woodeson, who has made it uniquely his own. The text is in print, in a beautifully produced hardback edition, available from Stratford's Celandine Press.
Photograph: the original Other Place under demolition - the only visual record of this theatrically magical interior that the RSC saw fit to preserve.

'But Jesus loves me. He loves us all...' Last moments before the murder. Peter McEnery as Johnny Hobnails; Gerry Duggan as Roche. Background, left to right: Joe Gibbons (Albert), Henley Thomas (Jeff), Henry Woolf (Tiny). Foreground: David Warner (Jim), Timothy West (Ginger). RSC Experimental Season, Arts Theatre, London, June 1962: dir. Clifford Williams.