First play, Afore Night Come, staged by Royal Shakespeare Company in 1962 experimental season; informed RSC's modernizing approach to the performance of Shakespeare as 'our contemporary'; with Edward Bond's Saved, was the play that most helped bring to an end the Lord Chamberlain's function as theatre censor. There followed:


Original opera-libretti for composers Gordon Crosse (The Grace of Todd: dir. Colin Graham, Aldeburgh 1969) and Joseph Horovitz (Sabatai Zevi - though he never composed it). A performing translation for the Royal Opera House 1964 Georg Solti - Peter Hall production of Schoenberg's Moses and Aaron.


'Additional screenplay' work for directors Tony Richardson (on a Genet script Mademoiselle, 1963) and François Truffaut (on his Fahrenheit 451, 1964). In 1968-69, a full screenplay for Fred Zinnemann (a film adaptation of S. Anski's Hassidic play The Dybbuk). Later, my first original screenplay, worked from the memoirs of Shostakovich, Testimony (dir. Tony Palmer; New York Film Festival Gold Medal for Screenplay 1988). Adaptation of December Bride by Sam Hanna Bell (dir. Thaddeus O'Sullivan; European Film Festival Jury Special Award 1989). Adaptation of The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy (dir. Phil Agland; Shanghai Film Festival awards, 1997).


Among original plays for tv: in the '60s, for H.M.Tennent's Globe Television The Stone Dance and Children Playing (both produced by Cecil Clarke, directed by Peter Wood); for BBC 'Wednesday Play' series (prod. Irene Shubik, dir. Alan Cooke) House of Character and Blodwen Home from Rachel's Marriage. Later, for BBC Pebble Mill, Birmingham, produced by David Rose: Penda's Fen (dir. Alan Clarke 1974), Artemis 81 (dir. Alastair Reid 1981); produced by Carol Parks, White Lady (1986, directed by myself).


For BBC Radio 3: Cries from Casement as his Bones are Brought to Dublin (dir. John Tydeman 1974); The Lovesong of Alfred J. Hitchcock (dir. Philip Martin; Sony Silver Award 1993); The Haunting of Mahler (dir. Philip Martin 1994). For Radio 4 Belfast The Giant's Cause... (dir. Lawrence Jackson 2005).


As a translator: the Persians of Aeschylus (Radio 3, dir. Richard Imison 1965); the Hecuba (Radio 3, dir. John Tydeman 1975) and Hippolytus of Euripides (RSC, dir. Ron Daniels 1978); Ibsen's Peer Gynt (RSC, dir. Ron Daniels 1983), Rosmersholm (Radio 3, dir. John Tydeman 1990) and When We Dead Waken (London, Almeida Theatre, dir. Jonathan Kent 1990); Genet's Death Watch and The Maids (RSC, dir. Ultz 1987). 

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1962. At rehearsal of Afore Night Come (RSC, Arts Theatre, London) with director Clifford Williams.